Characteristics And Application Of Architectural Glass

- Nov 25, 2016-

Characteristics and Application of Architectural Glass

First, the net piece of glass

Features: good perspective, light transmission performance. Can produce significant "greenhouse effect", the sun's ultraviolet light transmittance is low.

Second, decorative glass

Category: color flat glass, glazed glass, embossed glass, spray glass, milk flower glass, carved glass, ice glass and so on.

Third, safety glass

Including: tempered glass, fire-resistant glass, laminated glass.

Toughened glass: high mechanical strength, high impact resistance, large elasticity, good thermal stability; but not cutting, grinding, corners can not bump extrusion. Large-area glass curtain wall to take measures to prevent blew. Commonly used as building windows and doors, walls, walls and windows, furniture and so on. Fire-resistant glass: composite fire-resistant glass and monolithic fire-resistant glass. Commonly used as building fire doors, windows and cut off the glass.

Laminated glass: In two or more pieces of glass between the original film, with PVB resin film by heating, pressure bonding from the plane or surface of the composite glass products. Can be used as high-rise buildings, doors and windows, skylights, staircase railings and impact requirements of the shops, banks, windows, partition and underwater engineering and other high-performance security sites or parts. Laminated glass transparency, impact resistance, crushing will not hurt people scattered, but can not be cut, to be customized.

Fourth, energy-saving decorative glass

Including: colored glass, coated glass and insulating glass.

Tinted glass: can effectively absorb the sun's radiant heat, resulting in "cold room effect" to achieve the effect of energy-saving heat. Applicable to both lighting and heat insulation.

Coated glass: with one-way perspective, also known as SLR glass. A good thermal insulation can prevent the warming effect. Suitable for high-grade glass curtain wall.

Insulating glass: good insulation, effective insulation, good sound insulation performance. Mainly used for thermal insulation, sound insulation and other functional requirements of the building, such as hotels, residential, hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings and so on.

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