Characteristics Of E-glass Fibers

- Jun 22, 2016-

Concept glass most people it as hard breakable objects, not suitable as a structural material, but as they pumped into the wire after their strength has increased considerably and has flexibility, so with resin later given shape can finally become a fine of structural timber. Glass fibers having a diameter smaller with increased strength thereof. Glass fiber as a reinforcing material has the following features, these features make the use of glass fibers is more extensive than other types of fibers, the pace of development is also far ahead of their characteristics listed below:

⑴ high tensile strength, elongation small (3%).

⑵ high elasticity, rigidity.

⑶ elongation within the elastic limit of large and high tensile strength, impact energy is absorbed so large.

⑷ inorganic fibers, with non-flammable, chemical resistance.

⑸ water absorption.

⑹ scale stability, heat resistance are good.

⑺ good workability can be made stocks, bundle, felt, woven fabric, such as different forms of the product.

⑻ transparent permeable light.

⑼ resin adhesion in a well-developed surface treatment agent of.

⑽ cheap.

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