Choices Of ‘smart Glass’ For Homes Multiply

- Oct 21, 2016-

Choices of ‘smart glass’ for homes multiply

Glass for homes has evolved, extending now to several versions of so-called “smart glass.” smart glass is a laminated glass product consisting of a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal film sandwiched between two layers of glass and two layers of conductive inter layers.  Smart glass provides privacy, deadens noise and controls indoor temperatures, among other benefits.So it widely used in commercial center,homes,hotel,office etc.

Privacy glass that is switchable turns from opaque to clear at the touch of a button. Switchable privacy glass consists of two panels and a film between them that conducts electricity. The glass remains opaque until the voltage is turned on, which activates the film and gives the glass transparency.

With the development of science and technology and environmental awareness growing,smart glass constantly into peoples vision,so in the future,price of smart glass will be decrease.


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