Cleaning And Maintenance Of Ceramics Glass

- Nov 02, 2016-

Cleaning and maintenance of ceramics glass

1, usually do not force the collision glass surface, to prevent scratches on the glass surface, the best covered with table cloth.

2, the daily cleaning, with a wet towel or newspaper can be wiped, in case of stains can be used towel dipped in beer or warm vinegar to erase.

3, a pattern of frosted glass once dirty, can be dipped in a toothbrush with detergent, wipe the pattern along the circular can be removed.

4, the glass furniture is best placed in a more fixed place, do not move back and forth; to smooth the placement of objects, heavy objects should be placed on the bottom of glass furniture, furniture to prevent instability caused by the center of gravity down.

5, the use of plastic wrap and spray a detergent with a damp cloth can also often stained with oil stained glass "regain new life." First of all, the glass will be sprayed with detergent, and then paste the plastic wrap, so that the solidification of the oil to soften, over 10 minutes, torn plastic wrap, and then wipe with a damp cloth.

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