Coated Glass Common Quality Problems

- Mar 06, 2017-

Coated glass common quality problems

A, cut or scratch

Definition and description: coated glass and other hard surface material relative sliding friction caused by linear or strip wound to cut or scratch, main show is cut or scratch the glass transmittance, or fall off at the membrane surface shining brilliantly.Its shape is irregular arc more thin strips or ribbon.

Causes: cut or scratch is often used in the construction installation, mainly include:

1, production: due to the equipment or after cleaning, the possibility is in the production of glass scratch, but this kind of scratch for general rule and linear type, is to be able to control and inspection.In addition, the process of production of coated glass packing and transportation, also is likely to cause scratch, glass itself there are likely to be cut.But objectively speaking, large tracts of coated glass is due to the direct online using machine loading, generally are unlikely to cause scratch, and coated glass for packing and also directly after the film, generally do not contact other hard objects at the membrane surface, so often there will be no scratches or abrasions.

2, cutting reasons: such as cutting ruler or measuring tape on the glass membrane drag;Because of the glass membrane surfaces such as sand or glass crumbs, caused in the process of wiping glass membrane surface scratch;Coating surface cutting down or didn't notice the end of each piece is placed in the opposite direction, the friction to the glass membrane surface and its property and cause scratches.

3, stacking and storage: when unpacking the case or after cutting the glass is not piled up by the requirement, no mat underlay between piece by piece, the direct contact between the glass, because of sand or glass crumbs, etc, in the process of handling or transportation cause scratches or abrasions.

4, installation and cleaning: in the glue or installation, caused by human reason the abvance of scratch or scratch;Used in cleaning not clean or hard to wipe, or on the glass membrane surface has the pollutants such as cement mortar, and use the incorrect cleaning method.


Second, the out membrane

Definition and description: coated glass membrane surface layer of local film or take off the film phenomenon.Mainly for local light transmittance enhance or membrane layer falls off completely, to take off the film morphology is generally give directions, regiment and flake.For film phenomenon, in the process of production, we have strict control standards, in general, off the diameter of the membrane area is greater than 2.5 mm is not allowed.

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