Color Smart Glass ,let You Fill This Winter With Color

- Dec 13, 2016-

As the market continues to change, consumers not only like the monochrome smart glass . Many consumers in order to meet the overall building design, more biased in favor of the use of color smart glass . According to the transformation of the market, Zeelang glass is also constantly research and development of new products. Recently we have successfully developed various types of color smart glass.

   Color smart glass  and common white smart glass process is the same, only in the membrane under a lot of effort. Tinted film is the use of special dyeing process made of PDLC molecules, resulting in different colors of color dimming film. Its working principle is also common

Dimming glass, when connected to power, can become clear, has a good lighting function. When the power back to the membrane itself has changed the color. Obscured line of sight and white the same. While also using APP technology, is a combination of a variety of colors to enhance our visual experience. For now, Zeelang glass has a color film with red, green, yellow, blue, etc., can also be tailored according to the customer's color needs.

      In addition to the color and conventional style of the glass is not the same as dimming, the other there are those who do not like it?

   We all see the white light-emitting film is fully transparent state power state, but our color glass is currently closed to technical limitations can not be fully transparent effect, only in the power state with lighter color through the light. Although this light transmission rate than the ordinary smart glass , but on the other hand, he can reduce the degree of visual smart glass  to a certain degree of haze. The objects seen from the energized state are not particularly blurred.

Zeelang glass is constantly innovation and reform, enhance our professional and technical personnel training. In the near future, we also have a series of new products to market.

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