Common Home Improvement Repair Glass Approach

- Nov 15, 2016-

Common home improvement repair glass approach

  Although the glass is very durable, but often buy back the glass after a period of time the surface may be some small scratches, debris and so on. Although not easy to find small, but often aunt found these problems do not know how to deal with? Today let me to bring you a few small coup easy to get simple glass maintenance.

      The first, glass scratches repair principle: first polished after grinding. First use the abrasive to grind the scratches off, and then use the polishing paste the glass polish.

     Second, the glass repair can simply be understood as: the glass is hit by a hard object to produce damage, by filling the resin into the concave block and cracks to repair the glass method,

     1, the first is to carry out the preparatory work to ensure that the need to repair the glass to maintain a dry state, clean up the broken glass surface, wipe clean. No water residue in the concave block and cracks, to prevent the construction of scratch paint.

   2, the damaged place to clean up. After the preparation is complete, the glass repair master will use cotton and drill to clean the impurities in the concave block, and finally blow out all the impurities with air blowing to ensure that the concave block is in a clean state.

  3, glass repair Glass damage through the injection of resin method, can be some less serious damage to the glass for processing. The clean-up seems to be very simple, but not tolerate a little sloppy, any residual impurities will lead to the effect of the final patch greatly reduced.

   4, and finally, with the blade will be scraped off excess resin, and then part of the glass polished, the entire glass repair process is all over.

   Repair after the completion of the glass, will not leave traces of friends, to maintain the original cleanliness of the glass.

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