Congratulations Zeelang Glass CE Certification, The Overseas Market Continues To Expand

- Nov 07, 2016-

Congratulations Zeelang glass CE certification, the overseas market continues to expand


Following the company in August 2016 after the success of the trademark, in September Zeelang glass to win rewards. Intelligent dimming glass through the EMC test to obtain CE certification. The certificate is further formalized in the quality and performance of products in line with EU countries export standards, is a trusted high-quality suppliers.

CE certification is a mandatory certification for export to the EU market, the full name is CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE, is considered the manufacturer to open the European market passport. Production enterprises have achieved CE mandatory certification, and its products can be sold in the EU member states, circulation. To meet the growing needs of EU customers.

The CE certificate issued by Zeelang Glass is certificated by Certificate of Compliance / Certificate of Compliance, which is a statement of compliance issued by a third party (intermediary or testing and certification body) and must be accompanied by a test report Information TCF, at the same time, companies have to sign "Declaration of Conformity." Access to EU countries recognized.

Since the establishment of the company, the products mainly occupied the European market, in September to obtain the CE mandatory certificate, the EU will be more buyers trust us. Is Zeelang glass to expand overseas markets is essential to the results and recognition.

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