Decorative Glass With Silk-screen Printing

- Oct 06, 2016-

Decorative glass with silk-screen printing

 In modern architecture, glass is increasingly used as a decorative material. This is possible due to the fact that additional elements can be attached to it. There is no end to the possibilities of patterns and colours with regard to silk-screen printing, which enables a perfect application to the expectations of clients. The realization of an individual pattern, both in the form of pictures and graphics, allows the creation of an unrepeatable composition. Glass which undergoes silk-screen printing can perform not only a decorative function, but also that of practical use. Partially transparent glass panes allow for a controlled flow of light between spaces, eliminating the need for artificial lighting while at the same time guaranteeing the required level of privacy. Thermally-hardened ceramic paints are used for the production of glass with silk-screen printing. Their unquestioned advantage is durability and neu-trality as regards its effects on the natural.


The silk-screen printing glass has many advantages,as follow is a perfect decorative material,

2.due to the process of tempering, in which it is subjected to high temperatures that partially melt the paints into the glass, it takes on all the properties of tempered glass. has greater resistance to bending in comparison to ordinary glass,

4.resistant to thermal shock,

5.reduces the risk of injury in the case of the pane breakage,

6.allows for the selection of light inflow through the glass surface,

7.reduces the effect of dazzling by direct rays of light,

8.the layers of silk-screen are characterized by a high level of durability, is classified as safety glass.


The connection of the decorative function and practicality as well as the possibility of assembling in a multi-functional structure lead to the unlimited use of glass which undergoes silk-screen printing.such as:building construction,equipment and intetior design,household applicance.

In a word,silk-screen printing  is more populor in the  buiding decorative.

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