Detailed Description Of Glass Screen Printing Technology

- Nov 14, 2016-

Detailed description of glass screen printing technology

Do you know what is glass screen printing technology ?It is a glass processing and manufacturing process technology process. Through this process out of the finished product is silk screen glass products. Then we simply look at the glass screen printing technology is how the same thing?

It is the use of a special screen printing plate, add a special glass enamel material, in the glass to create the pattern of the technical process. In fact, the so-called glass enamel material, like our painting used in watercolor pen or dye or oil painting sticks and the like, but this glass enamel material can be in the glass of this special drawing paper to come up with point marks.

This is the most basic glass fiber technology is the core of the most general explanation.

Common silk screen glass can be used for electronic display screen glass, subway out of the gate card system, touch screen and other facilities.

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