Different Classification Of Glass

- Mar 23, 2017-

Different classification of glass

From the chemical point of view:


1. Sodium glass: its main component is silicon oxide, sodium oxide and calcium oxide, so it is also known as soda-lime glass. The mechanical properties, optical properties and chemical stability of sodium glass are poor. Mainly used for construction windows with glass and daily glassware.


2. Potassium glass. Potash glass, also known as hard glass, it is potassium oxide instead of sodium sodium in some of the sodium oxide, and improve the content of silicon oxide made. Its hardness, gloss and other properties are better than sodium glass and can be used to make advanced household utensils and chemical instruments.


3. Aluminum-magnesium glass. It is composed of silicon oxide, calcium oxide, and alumina and other chemical composition. This kind of glass has a low softening point and can be used to make high grade architectural glass.


4. Lead glass. Lead glass, also known as heavy glass or crystal glass. Its chemical composition is lead oxide, potassium oxide and a small amount of silicon oxide. Lead glass gloss, transparency, mechanical properties, heat resistance Insulation and chemical stability is better, mainly used in the manufacture of optical instruments and advanced vessels.


5. borosilicate glass. Also known as heat-resistant glass, the main chemical composition of silicon oxide, boron oxide and so on. It has good gloss and transparency, heat resistance and chemical stability is better for the manufacture of advanced chemical equipment and insulation materials.


6. Quartz glass. Its composition is silicon oxide, it has excellent mechanical properties, optical and thermal properties, chemical stability, through the ultraviolet, can be used to manufacture high temperature equipment and sterilization lamps and other equipment.


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