Dimming Glass: Keep Your Curtains At Any Time

- Feb 23, 2017-

Smart glass is a new type of liquid crystal material PDLC attached to the glass, film and other substrates on the basis of the size of the current with the light, the temperature of the glass to adjust the light transmittance; or by artificial according to their own needs, control current conversion, control glass color depth , Control and regulate the intensity of sunlight into the room. So that the indoor light soft, comfortable and pleasant, but also the role of light transmission, made of the equivalent of the windows of the electronic control device as comfortable as the curtains. It is used in the building windows and doors, not only has its light transmission rate of freedom to change the function, but also in the building windows and doors take up a very small space, eliminating the need to set the curtains of the institutions and space. In the building decoration glass industry is mainly used for large conference venues, high-end hotels, office buildings, government, enterprises, senior villas, shower room, etc.

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