Do Not Need To Change Doors And Windows, Zeelang Self-adhesive Smart Film Can Be Self-paste

- Apr 17, 2017-

Do not need to change doors and windows, Zeelang self-adhesive smart film can be self-paste

 Zeelang self-adhesive smart film can be directly bonded to the glass, and then through the voltage makes the smart film is penetrating that mist, to achieve people for glass penetration and privacy of the double requirements, even if opaque, lighting is still Well, this is all the curtains can not be achieved.



Self-adhesive smart film can be used when the projection projection film, increase the screen color saturation, transparent still can be projected, this time will produce suspended images, very suitable for a variety of projection engineering and art stage performance, in addition to the application In the large projection advertising wall, plus a touch module in time for a large size touch screen.


Combined with somatosensory camera applications more diversified, not only can become a smart window application in the department store's virtual dressing room or super somatosensory interaction, can also become a product display machine.


working principle


Self-adhesive dimming film by the protective film + ITO + AB glue combination, directly attached to the glass surface, also with the state of power in the state of the mist (opaque), when the state was transparent state of the dimming film characteristics, Optical film is for the installation of glass users, can only buy self-paste dimming film, you can achieve the effect of smart glass


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