Do You Have An Impact On The Life Of The Smart Film In Different Environments?

- Apr 18, 2017-

Do you have an impact on the life of the smart film in different environments?

Now people on the product requirements, fear of product ring, the product will not take long, and now to answer this question how to protect the smart film.

  1. Installation fast, environmentally friendly, do not bend to protect the long life, reusable, the price is reasonable.

  2. Product specifications and standards of uniform, different locations of the material can be cut off common, reduce the cost of moving the house.

  3. Before the construction of a unified measurement plan, a reasonable consideration and design of power outlets, broadband, telephone lines.

 4. Sound insulation effect: glass partition door and the door can be installed inside the seal, can greatly improve the sound insulation performance.

 5. No pollution and odor discharge, easy to clean, after the completion of the project can be used immediately.

 6. Material selectivity: According to customer demand for construction can provide a variety of specifications, size and color of the material, with a variety of components can be used.

 7. Usually in direct sunlight, the general life of the membrane will be lower than the use of pure room.


     Life is the expected period of use of fixed assets, or the number of products that can be produced or provided by the fixed assets. Is the quality of security time, narrow sense of the understanding is the warranty period. Is the business of the user's commitment is to protect, no significant water, no translation, life were 5 years / 10 years.

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