Do You Know How Much The Glass Is Made?

- Nov 10, 2016-

Do you know how much the glass is made?

Laminated glass is a kind of liquid crystal film in the two layers of glass curing in the middle, after high temperature and pressure bonding after forming a sandwich structure of the special photoelectric glass. The biggest feature of this glass is: the glass in the "milky white translucent opaque" and "colorless transparent" between these two states to switch between the fast and free. Popular point can be understood as the middle of two pieces of glass laminated plastic PDLC smart film, so that the formation of smart glass. Principle and production process and ordinary PVB laminated glass similar. But in the middle to increase a layer of PDLC diaphragm.

 The smart  film, there is no doubt that the middle of the LCD glass smart the film. Do not look at this film is very thin (less than 1mm), its structure and role may not be simple, smart  glass really play the role of smart  rely on it. Dimming film can not be directly applied, it must be made through the glass laminated glass, or increase the electrostatic paste layer made of self-adhesive type smart film. Self-adhesive type smart  film has the advantage of being directly attached to the glass, so that ordinary glass has become a smart  glass, and not for such an effect and replace the original glass state switch control by electricity, which also determines the It can be through the wall switch, remote computer, remote control, mobile phone APP and other means of control.

    At present, PDLC smart  film received more and more customers of all ages, home decoration, projection, hospitals, conference rooms and other places are gradually replacing the traditional frosted glass. I believe in the future, with the promotion of diversification, there are more customers to understand the role of light film.


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