Do You Know How To Buy Smart Glass?

- Sep 29, 2016-

Do  you  know   how to buy smart glass?


smart glass to protect the purchase tips:

1, look at the film source: one of the most important factors determine the quality of the products is pdlc film quality. Therefore, the source should be clear smart glass manufacturers of smart film buy smart glass. smart glass film is divided into domestic, European and American, Japanese and Korean basically. You can buy a car. With the concept.

2, see manufacturers:smart glass products is a high-end glass products, glass can be regarded as luxury, of course choose quality worthy of the worth of products. The general domestic glass processing factory most processing period basically no more than three years and rarely done work process, reputation and quality need time to verify, when buying more cautious. Buy on the market well-known manufacturers or well-known brand production of smart glass products can avoid the potential risks and enjoy a better quality.

3, engineering case: buy mature smart glass products, related engineering application value most is to look at the manufacturers. And it must be a clear example picture of the engineering case. So, before the purchase of smart glass, may require manufacturers to provide a number of well-known works done and with pictures for reference.

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