Do You Know How To Distinguish AG Glass And AR Glass?

- Nov 18, 2016-

 Many customers can not tell AG glass and AR glass, the effect of both seem quite a product often tangle which the choice of glass is more appropriate? In fact, AG glass and AR glass on both the shape there is a big difference is also very good to distinguish between, take the double-sided AR Zeelang and glass corrosion AG glass one by one to look at.

     One side double-layer AR glass is one side made of AR coating treatment to enhance the glass transmittance, can be as high as 98% or more, another AR-coated glass itself in the strong light irradiation, the average reflectivity of less than 4% Less than 0.5%, the market called the reflection glass, the glass itself has purple, the naked eye can be distinguished, purple is to determine the AR glass of a major feature.

 AG glass is one side of the glass after chemical etching into a matte non-reflective surface, the light transmission rate is generally low, the glass itself is characterized by the farther away from the display, the glass shows the state of the mold, the closer the screen glass screen The more clear, light transmission rate is generally about 88%, of course, can be made of high permeability of up to about 93%, compared with AR glass, AG glass low transmittance, glass itself is similar to frosted glass, AG also has anti-reflection Of the effect, but with the AR is different, AG is a strong light to hit the glass will become spread out, rather than the ordinary glass is very dazzling straight light

   The difference between the two is actually very simple, if you also AG, AR glass has doubts, it is difficult to distinguish, you can come to my company at any time to distinguish according to kind. AG / AR glass are Shenzhen Zeelang glass company's main production and sale of products, price is moderate, high-quality.


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