Do You Know How To Identify The Quality Of Hollow Glass?

- Nov 17, 2016-

Do you know how to identify the quality of hollow glass?


   Do you know how to identify the quality of hollow glass,today,i will teach you some approaches to identify the quality of hollow glass is good or bad.As follow:

   The first move appearance. Regular manufacturers of hollow glass is the first two glass seal with a good sealing tape and then take the time to fill the inert gas. Inert gas makes the hollow glass have good heat insulation diaphragm performance. Low-quality hollow glass is only two glass sealed together, not the above steps. This glass only from the outside and the same hollow glass, but do not have the effect of sound insulation.

     The second measure, view the glass is sealed. A lot of fake hollow glass is a black PVC foam sticky, do not have the sealing effect. The real hollow glass is a special sealing tape bonded glass, to ensure a very good sealing performance. To prevent leakage of inert gas.

    The third measure, the concept of aluminum. Two pieces of glass to form a hollow glass generally have aluminum partitions, aluminum compartment there are ventilation holes, which put a desiccant, can absorb moisture in the gas. False hollow glass because there is no aluminum strip of desiccant, a long time after the glass will be placed foggy phenomenon.

    The fourth measure, see the glass surface quality. Inspection of qualified glass surface without impurities bubbles, the surface smooth. Consumers buy the purchase, you can watch the glass surface from the side is flat, the surface is obvious impurities, bubbles, stains and other surface defects. Once a bad phenomenon, do not buy.

     Through the above few tips, you can roughly identify whether the hollow glass is a good product. Regular manufacturers of hollow glass shipped, are in strict accordance with the above standards of production. Hope to help you select a good product.


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