Do You Know The Characteristics Of Self-adhesive Film?

- Dec 22, 2016-

Do you know the characteristics of self-adhesive film?

Self-adhesive light-adjusting film is a direct application of the PDLC film on the glass surface. It and the function of the glass is the same dimming, are connected through the power supply, power-off state of opaque state, showing a transparent power state. It is with the traditional architectural glass on the film are very different, paste the film after the glass, can be the overall architectural pattern to maintain the same effect with the dimming glass, foil program is also very simple, can be said to "enlarge the version of the phone Foil ", at present by the vast number of consumers.

     In contrast to bulky smart glass transport, self-adhesive dimming film can be rolled into packaging. Transport volume is small, Chen freight low, short transport period. And for some of the projects have been installed, the late need to meet customer demand for the effect of dimming glass, driven by this demand, the self-adhesive film products shipped and health.

    Self-adhesive film has what characteristics? How much did you know before?

     On the production process difficulty, the process will be more complex than the clip film. Usually after the film is ready to do, can be used directly, but for the film, the timely production of good after there is a gum technology. This film is also very fragile, in the process of the gum to be very careful. This step is not good, will directly affect the final transparency of the film, haze and so on.

      As the back of such a layer of adhesive, after the completion of the self-adhesive film can be attached directly to the glass surface, without any adhesive paste, similar to stick mobile phone membrane. The electrodes of the membrane are small and connected by fine wires, which are easy to hide to ensure the overall appearance. It can be said, as long as the glass surface smooth, you can stick from the film, especially for office glass partitions and doors and windows. With dimming function, since there is no need to replace the glass.

     Now if you want to have the effect of the existing glass transparent frosted, you may now order some self-adhesive light-adjusting film.


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