Do You Know The PVB Film On The Laminated Glass, What Are The Effects?

- Nov 09, 2016-

Do you know the PVB film on the laminated glass, what are the effects?

Many people should understand that the past two years the glass has a variety of different functions, pvb laminated glass technology and the advantage is to help people more comprehensive understanding of this aspect of the product, in fact, white, pvb laminated glass technology and advantages The main is to improve the glass shatterproof function.

In many cases, due to the hard glass, but really very fragile, so many people can not use the glass in many places, in order to solve this problem, pvb laminated glass technology and the advantages of being developed, and now these advantages are still Gradually increase, the future function of the glass will be more powerful, and even can replace a lot of material to achieve the glass era.

In the current folder glue process, the film is good or bad on the final product oil how?

First, PVB film is produced using resin, and the use of glass has a high bond. Strong bonding of the film can be glass bonding together, is the glass once again the formation of high-intensity security.

Second, the film after heating several times, the edge of the molecular chain shortening, the product will appear yellow phenomenon. Glued together before the film bar film material can be identified up the level of raw materials.

Third, driven by the interests of the market, some businesses will use the material recovery folder clip glue. This film due to the strength is not enough, long-term use of glass will be degumming, delamination and so on.

PVB film before and after the purchase of a clear understanding of the pros and cons of our choice of quality products is of great significance.

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