Do You Know Wet Laminated Glass?

- Nov 08, 2016-

Do you know wet laminated glass?

It is between the two glass filled with synthetic resin, after sun or ultraviolet light baking, so that two pieces of glass stand together,Broken can also be achieved after the effect of falling.

Wet glue is glue, transparency is very good, laminated glass is between the two glass into a layer of polyvinyl butyral as the main Min of the PVB interlayer. Even if the glass fragments, debris will be stuck on the film, broken glass surface remains clean and smooth. This is there effect to prevent the debris stabbing and penetrating the occurrence of falling events, to ensure personal safety. Anti-penetration ability,When wet cleaning is done with a detergent, there is no need to wait until the cleaning agent has completely evaporated before entering the filling procedure, resulting in a liquid-to- Biochemical reactions, resulting in laminated glass color change. Wet glue is not affected by the product shape, such as flat steel clamp, curved steel clamp plastic can do,Triangular, etc., high safety performance. Quality assurance. However, there are some occasions, do not apply to the glass folder, such as glass in the balcony glass, elevator sightseeing glass, roof glass. These places the glass, due to the long-term exposure to sunlight, the glass will go down for a long time Is yellow, gray, affect the appearance.

Compared to the dry folder method, the main difference is that after the broken wet glue will be broken into the slag, and the folder will not dry. The price difference between the two relatively large, dry clip french glass is 1-1.5 times more expensive than wet glass.

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