Double Glass Between The Water, A Mist, How Do?

- Dec 16, 2016-

Many people have encountered this problem, the two layers of glass between the water, when the solar radiation, the internal rise of fog. If you enter the dust, it will have a great impact on its lighting and aesthetics.

Cause reason:

1. Did not open the pressure balance hole and drainage holes or unreasonable cause water does not go out, long-term evaporation of water vapor into the glass interlayer to produce mist.

2. The installation position of the spacer is unreasonable. Adjacent to the edge of the glass in the paste, leaving no gap, which can easily cause the separator in direct contact with the rain, and its adsorption, the formation of water vapor between the glass.

3. Glass seal is not close, four sides of the sealant playing uneven, with leakage Department.


1. Try to use hollow glass, hollow glass can greatly avoid the phenomenon.

2. Should be fitted with glass gasket, the interval should be arranged from the glass 1-2mm, from the glass side should be 3-4mm. This can avoid the separator in contact with the water, of course, should choose good quality, low water absorption of the middle section as well.

3. Glass sealing should be close, should be careful in the operation, in the actual production of the main causes of the problem are caused by poor sealing.

4. In the bottom layer of the outer layer of plastic playing a layer of glass plastic can alleviate the contact strip in the rain.

5. Air balance hole and the opening of the drainage hole is very necessary.


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