Electrochromic Changing The Horizon Of The Smart Glass Technology

- Oct 20, 2016-

        Electrochromic  glass  changing the horizon of the smart glass technology

In order to have a more transparent visual effects of the building, a large number of the use of glass as a light roof, windows, walls, etc., in order to achieve the artistic performance of the design and even all-glass building applications. However, due to the different time of day is not the same light into the midday light is usually required when the installation of electric light curtains to achieve shading effect, or in the curtain wall, lighting design at the beginning of the use of color glaze pattern cover effect light Barrier.

Smart glass technology has changed the human living environment. Electrochromic glass applications, to meet the arbitrary control of human glass through the light.The work principle is When it is connected to the electrode by changing the different voltage, you can control the transparency of this material.

Electrochromic glass is a phenomenon in which the optical properties (reflectance, transmittance, absorption rate, etc.) of the glass are reversibly changed by applying an electric field, and the color and transparency of the glass curtain wall are flexibly changed as required. Solid inorganic electrochromic glass: faded → colored visible light transmittance difference> 55%.

Electrochromic glass has been widely into the human world of life, take the plane Boeing 787 friends may notice that there is no shade, the window instead of an electrochromic glass instead.

This kind of glass can protect the privacy,so it can widely used in the hotel,villa,office partition etc.


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