Electronically Controlled Glass Future Development Prospects

- Nov 17, 2016-

Electronically controlled fog glass is a new type of research and development of atomized glass products. Also known as intelligent atomizing glass, is a power control PDLC film laminated layer of the molecular arrangement of the order change, power, the liquid crystal molecules neatly arranged, the light free through the glass to a transparent state, the case of power , The internal liquid crystal molecules like a headless fly some kind of scattered distribution, to prevent the light into the glass, the formation of opaque fog. Electronic control of the glass is controlled by electronic equipment, intelligent large-scale data under the rapid development of science and technology-based products. Electronically controlled glass can protect privacy, save energy, protect the environment and the advantages of low power consumption makes the application more widely.

First of all, the development prospects of electronically controlled atomized glass can expand towards the field of home improvement, itself is very popular atomized glass in the partition commonly used materials. Such as bathroom glass, hotel windows and other fields.

Electronic control fog glass the future development of  stable prospects, because it is environmentally friendly and inexpensive, and it breaks through the tradition lies in its intelligence, automatic control, in the enterprise, in the mall also have this product to show their talents, budding platform.


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