Embossed Glass Cleaning And Maintenance Of The Correct Approach You Get It?

- Dec 08, 2016-

Embossed glass cleaning and maintenance of the correct approach you Get it?

Embossed glass, also known as pattern glass and knurled glass, mainly for doors and windows, indoor spacing, bathroom and so on. Embossed glass surface pattern, can be light, but it can block the line of sight, with opaque opaque characteristics, excellent decorative effect. Do you know what to do with it?

How to clean the glass?

Dust contaminated glass, can be wiped with some of the old cloth dipped in warm vinegar, easy to clean it shiny. Stained with grease on the glass, a little salt and vinegar can be mixed into liquid scrubbing. Wipe the glass with onion slices, make it bright and dazzling. Glass products with a long time will have filthy, the amount of small soda can be used to put a little water wipe clean with a cloth. To the glass drops a few drops of kerosene, and then use cloth or cotton rub, not only very bright glass, but also to prevent rain water stains. Dip the paper with water, wipe the glass, and then wipe with dry newspaper, make the glass clean. The gypsum powder dipped in water coated on the glass, dry with a soft dry cloth, the glass can be very bright. Glue tape on the glass, you can first tape scraping with a knife, then turpentine rub.


Embossed glass cleaning and maintenance of three small recommendations

1, if the embossed glass above the pattern appears, you can use hydrochloric acid diluted with water, and then diluted with cotton stained with solvent cleaning solution placed on the glass for half an hour after the rinse with water can be.

2, if the embossed glass stained with paint, then generally difficult to rinse off with water, you can buy paint on the market for cleaning water, but also will paint water standing on the glass for some time, rinse with water clean.

3, embossed glass on the ordinary dirt can be wiped with some of the old cloth dipped in warm vinegar, to make yellow or stained areas clean as new. Baking soda with water dilution after wiping the glass surface also has a good effect.


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