Energy Efficient And Safety Is The Future Direction Of Development Of Architectural Glass

- Oct 19, 2016-

Energy efficient and safety is the future direction of development of architectural glass

Because of its unique optical properties, glass has become an important component of building components. In recent years, architectural glass from lighting, decorative energy efficient toward the control light, security, improve the environment and other multi-functional direction. Intelligent dimming glass, low-radiation energy-saving glass, vacuum glass, fire-resistant glass and other new functional glass has become the new darling of the architectural glass industry. Electro-induced  glass can be according to human will, to regulate lighting, is an intelligent energy-saving glass. Low-radiation all-steel vacuum glass can effectively block the indoor and outdoor heat and sound transmission, energy efficient glass is the future direction of development. Fire glass can control the spread of fire, is an important safety glass. As public building window area increases, the cleaning problem has become a major expense in building maintenance expenditure, self-cleaning function is also a major development direction of glass components in the future.

In the future,Energy-saving glass will be more and more popular in building construction.


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