Energy-saving Glass, Safety Glass And Environmentally Friendly Glass Will Be In The Future Of The Building Shine

- Apr 07, 2017-

Energy-saving glass, safety glass and environmentally friendly glass will be in the future of the building shine

In recent years, the variety of available glass varieties has been increasing, from the past, the traditional lighting, wind, rain, enclosure functions for the development of modern insulation, insulation, security, noise, decoration and other complex functions. For energy-saving glass mainly heat-absorbing glass, coated glass, double (or three) glass, insulating glass, vacuum glass. Coated glass is divided into anti-radiation glass, low-performance film glass and multi-functional coated glass.


Glass is a non-metallic material, although its heat transfer coefficient is only 0.8-1.0W / M ยท K, because the glass generally thickness of 3-8mm, its own thermal resistance is very small, for the window about 65-75% of the area , Heat transfer is still very impressive. Glass energy is mainly reflected in the insulation and insulation in two areas: insulation that by reducing the glass heat conduction and convection characteristics, control the indoor heat to the outdoor loss. Such as the use of insulating glass, vacuum glass, etc; insulation that by raising the glass on the solar thermal radiation shielding characteristics, control outdoor heat conduction to the room. Such as the use of endothermic, thermal reflection, low-radiation glass. Such as double (or three) glass, insulating glass, heat-absorbing glass, heat-reflective glass, low-E glass and multi-purpose coated glass.


With the strengthening of building energy efficiency policies, building standardized management standards and the glass industry to improve the level of science and technology, energy-saving glass, safety glass and environmentally friendly glass will be in the future of the building shine, play more and more effective.



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