Energy Transfer Mode Of Insulating Glass

- Jan 02, 2017-

Insulating glass is a good heat insulation, sound insulation, light and beautiful new building materials, compared to other materials, insulating glass can be a good way to reduce the load bearing the building. Hollow glass with two, three glass, with high strength and high air-tightness of the composite adhesive glass and aluminum alloy frame made of. Hollow glass in the cooling, the internal condensation will not produce the phenomenon, then the phenomenon of such a hollow glass What is the principle?


The working principle of insulating glass is based on three energy transfer methods, namely, radiation transfer, convection transfer, conduction transfer.

First, the radiation transfer


Radiation is the transfer of energy in the form of radiation out. In general glass, the energy of the sun in the radiation


The form of transmission to the glass, which will lead to indoor temperature. The hollow glass in the middle of the interval can be a good block of heat radiation, the spacing of the space can make a reasonable configuration of insulating glass against UV attacks.


Second, convection transfer


Convective convection occurs when there is a temperature differential across the glass that causes the air to descend on the cold side and rise on the hot side. This convection causes energy to flow. General glass surrounding frame sealing is weak, it is easy to cause air convection, leading to energy loss. The hollow glass interior space if a reasonable structural design, you can reduce the gas convection, and further reduce the internal flow of the missing.


Third, transmission


Conduction transfer is the way through the movement of objects and molecules, so as to drive energy activities. Insulating glass is able to heat insulation is based on the principle of conduction transmission, insulating glass on the energy transmission through the outer glass and the internal air to complete the glass thermal conductivity is 27 times the air, so in order to prevent this The best method of energy transmission is to improve the sealing of the glass, so that the internal and external air can not directly produce docking. This is the principle of insulating glass insulation.


The above is the working principle of insulating glass. Insulating glass insulation features, it is popular with consumers, many modern architectural design also choose to use insulating glass, in addition to practical functions, it also has the appearance of beauty and other advantages.


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