EVA Laminated Glass Performance Introduced

- Dec 07, 2016-

1. outdoor EVA laminated glass laminated glass in line with national standards in the glass anti-collision, resistance to ultraviolet and heat requirements.

2.super strong adhesive force to make broken glass folder after the folder has a strong fragmentation of security and ability to maintain.

3.EVA film layers increased strength.

4.the test shows that the anti-tearing film energy is an important indicator to determine its impact resistance.

5.film off is bound to the tension of the film and the disappearance of energy, made outdoor engineering folder plastic glass to choose outdoor special EVA film.

6.the performance of the broken glass is determined by the displacement of the resulting laminated glass after being subjected to the influence of the larger film modulus.

7. to improve the hardness of laminated glass and tear strength, and better improve the performance of EVA laminated glass.


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