Fiberglass Mesh Production Technology Have?

- Jun 22, 2016-

Fiberglass Mesh is a glass fiber woven fabric as the substrate, the emulsion polymer anti-soaked coat. Then have excellent alkali resistance, flexibility and latitude and longitude to highly tensile strength, it can be widely used in building exterior wall insulation, waterproof, crack and so on. Fiberglass mesh with alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh-based, it is the choice of the E-glass fiber yarn (the primary ingredient is silicate, chemically stable and good) by special arrangement layout - Leno arrangements woven from strangulation, after anti-alkali, reinforcing stereotypes warm high disposal.

Fiberglass mesh cloth production skills:

First, the glass component introduced in 14.5% ~ 16.7% zirconia and 6% titanium dioxide by 1600 ℃ high temperature ablation by platinum drain drawn into a series of filaments, the fight, twisted into woven glass fibers, in drawing monofilament polymer coating during aqueous epoxy resin and a coupling agent, to the satisfaction of fiberglass mesh at the disposal of the late affinity with alkali polymer. Second, the glass fiber mesh cloth alkali alkali coating applied in addition to the function, its primary alkali path in the fiber itself constituting the surface of zirconium, titanium ion hybrid film, obstruct alkaline substances corrosion.

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