Five Reasons For Choosing Smart Glass

- Oct 31, 2016-


Five Reasons for Choosing Smart glass

Why many people choose smart glass to decorative their house,you will get the answer according this article. Next following is a broadcast of the five advantages:

First, dimming

Intelligent dimming glass can control the current changes to control the degree of glass color depth and adjust the intensity of sunlight into the room,

Second, the dimming speed

From opaque to transparent state only about one-thousandth of a second, from transparent to opaque only 100 minutes of a second, you can change the twinkling of an eye between the transparency.

Third, increase the visual effect

With intelligent dimming glass partition, in the visual expansion, extension of the feeling, more importantly, a glass wall than the brick wall can save about 10 cm of space, is to increase the real space. But also reduce the day's work pressure, live more comfortable.

Fourth, to simplify the decoration

Door and window design and installation of intelligent dimming glass, takes up very little space, eliminating the need to set the curtains of the institutions and space, so that the house looks simple and comfortable, so that their home moments tall.

Fifth, environmental protection and energy conservation

Intelligent dimming glass with insulation, thermal insulation, can greatly save energy, , not only to achieve environmental protection and energy saving, You can feel at ease to enjoy the bright sunshine.

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