Flat Glass Demand Continues To Grow

- Nov 05, 2016-

Flat glass demand continues to grow

By 2022, the global flat glass market is expected to reach 124.14 billion US dollars.According to the thickness of the glass can be divided into thin, thick glass, thick glass; according to the surface state can be divided into ordinary flat glass, embossed glass, polished glass, float glass. Flat glass can also be made by coloring, surface treatment, composite and other processes with different colors and a variety of special properties of products, such as endothermic glass, heat reflective glass, select the absorption glass, insulating glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, folder wire Net glass, color glass, and so on.In the forecast period, including the safety, safety and energy efficiency, including architectural and architectural glass use efficiency awareness will promote the flat glass market. Product innovation While improving the features, the introduction of smart and low-power glasses in the global market is expected to further push the demand for flat glass.

Due to the increasing use in the construction and automotive industries, tempered glass and laminated and insulating glass are expected to be welcomed in the next seven years. At the same time with the economic development and awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, the glass will become more and more popular as a building material.So in a word,Flat glass demand of will be continue increase.

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