Frosted Glass Application Scenarios

- Nov 15, 2016-

Frosted glass application scenarios

      Frosted glass is a kind of glass, the same material, the production process is almost the same, but also with the glass sound insulation effect, is also used as a kind of office glass partition shape, but no ordinary glass from the visual field of vision Clear, as attached to a layer of film, light exposure will produce refraction, weaken the light. General frosted glass is in the ordinary float glass, through the time to make the glass surface corrosion into rugged, to achieve the effect of frosted.

  As a result, the use of frosted glass is more than the number of administrative offices of the partition used to play the role of blocking line of sight. Frosted glass use occasions there are some living room, nice, noble fashion.

In addition to the office, the family can also use the kind of glass decoration. Common occasions also appear in the hotel bathroom. Skills to maintain the beauty of the hotel room design, but also to ensure personal privacy in the bathroom.

 Frosted glass use occasions have to mention there is our private bedroom, good sound insulation to ensure privacy can block the direct light.

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