Frosted Glass Partition Installation Precautions

- Mar 30, 2017-

Frosted glass partition installation precautions


1, masonry with two f6 ~ f8 reinforced on the basis of reinforcement. Height is not greater than 150mm, the width is greater than the glass brick thickness of 20mm or more.


2, the top and ends with metal profiles, the width is greater than the brick thickness of 1O ~ 18mm or more.


3, length, height greater than 1500mm, should be set f6-f8 reinforced. Length, height are more than 150Omm, set two bars.


4, the height shall not exceed 4m.


5, not less than f8 galvanized expansion bolts fixed, the spacing is not greater than 500mm.


6, metal profile slot 10 ~ 25mm, and the profile of the ventral surface with water wedge fixed, so as not to break the glass bricks.


7, mortar label should be M5. Mortar and river sand (fine sand) with the ratio of 1: 1.


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