Glass Cleaning Special Appliances

- Nov 16, 2016-

   Glass in the decoration of the use is very common, from the external walls of the windows to the indoor screen, doors, etc. will be used in this section, we will discuss this aspect of cleaning and special.

          Work with the rope tools, safety rope, hanging board. Base plate. Seat belts, self-locking device, U-ring, working barrels, high pressure water pipes, glass sets of tools, plate brush, rubber gloves.

      1.Working rope: Material is nylon, specifications: diameter of 20mm, the role: mainly for hanging plate under the plate hanging, climbing operation. Working rope through the slide within the buckle to connect the active section of hanging plate forming high-altitude hanging plate series. Life rope and high-altitude personnel on the safety belt on the self-locking hook connection, the formation of the safety personnel of the ascending system

      2. Safety rope: material for the high-strength wire, size: diameter: 18mm-20mm, role: mainly used for working with the use of rope. High-altitude personnel through the seat plate hanging on the work of the rope, the self-locking belt buckle with a self-locking device connected to the safety rope, to ensure increased safety factor.

      3. Hanging board: also known as base plate, made of a combination of wood panels, tape made of textile fibers, have a certain tensile strength. Role: high-altitude crane construction, the high-altitude staff to sit down on the hanging plate sliding operation. Anti-slip base plate fracture load is greater than 4400 Newton.

    4 seat belts: made of fiber textile material. Seat belt by the two shoulder and a belt together into one component, through the self-locking hook and work rope connected into one.

     5. Material is made of stainless steel. Role: to connect the seat belt and safety rope, when the high-altitude construction workers due to work rope break and fall, the self-locking latch self-locking device will pull because of the weight of the self-locking, so that falling people were lifeline stopped.

    6 glass set tools. include. Coated with water, glass scraper, marble knife blade, extension rod, absorbent sponge, plastic strips. Role in a variety of mirror surface.

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