Glass Door Of The Role And Purchase Skills

- Feb 28, 2017-

Glass door of the role and purchase skills


The role of glass doors

Glass door with its simple and elegant, good lighting, resistant to push and pull, good insulation effect, built-in lock high safety factor, good sealing, durable and other advantages gradually replaced the traditional wooden doors. And the door can be through the texture, shape, pattern and other means to get rid of the "traditional door" of the shackles, more decorative effect. But its shortcomings are obvious. Although the people of the glass for a deeper level of treatment, but it is still fragile, afraid to hit. The cost is also higher than the composite door.

 The art of glass doors. To make the room space to become a work of art, you must let each of its constituent elements are harmonious and unified. Therefore, now the door design has not only stay in a single product, each door has a strong style of direction, in the design of the door when more consideration is the bedroom design. Glass doors with its texture, modeling characteristics of the special, has gradually become a new choice now decoration.

Glass doors in the performance there is an advantage, is the characteristics of the glass itself is determined. For example, the use of tempered glass, glass doors have a transparent function, the use of frosted glass, glass doors are semi-transparent function.


   Glass door of the purchase


1, can not be cheap, to buy a packaging, marked with the brand, site and certificate of the product, no packaging products as far as possible not purchase. Glass should be tempered glass CCC certification and brand identity.

2, with the knuckle knock glass, tempered glass sound more crisp, ordinary glass sound more boring;

3, authentic tempered glass look carefully there will be vague pattern;

4, after purchase, require manufacturers to install the door, so as to avoid improper installation and increase the risk factor and the possibility of glass burst from the other.

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