Glass Door With Toughened Glass Is More Conducive To Home Security

- Feb 10, 2017-

In the family room, kitchen, bathroom, shower room is usually a glass door, and the common 5mm thick glass in the sound performance and safety performance are not as hardening on the surface of the glass door, but the glass door is not the door, glass.

Tempered glass is usually in the thickness of 8mm - 18mm thick, according to the thickness of different prices have some differences, from a few hundred to a thousand dollars a square meter.

   A wooden door technical manager, hollow glass doors sound better. The hollow glass door is divided into the following categories: the middle seal for the ordinary dry air, vacuum layer, rare gas, hollow sealed rare gas glass is usually used for anti-fog, insulation environment; the middle of the vacuum layer of glass the best sound insulation , The price is higher than ordinary air glass.

In addition, the tempered glass as an indoor door and window materials, in the compression, impact resistance is superior to ordinary glass, but consumers need to pay attention to the tempered glass has 3 of self-burst rate, because the tempered glass is ordinary glass for high temperature Heating and then quickly cooled after the formation, if the glass surface due to improper operation during processing caused by scratches, fried mouth, deep blasting and other defects, could easily lead to stress concentration or lead to self-tempered glass blew.

When the ordinary glass burst will show a large piece of geometric fragments, sharp edges, easy to hurt, and tempered glass burst will show a "spider web" -like pieces, not only small particles and rounded corners, was Fragmentation of adhesions to complete glassy, or obtuse angle small pieces fall. So consumers do not have to worry too much. The industry that the self-burst rate of 3 is normal, if the consumer home occurs in the glass or blew the case of self-burst, you can find a business replacement.

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