Glass Drilling Technology Is What? Broken Laminated Glass How To Repair?

- Dec 12, 2016-

In normal life, if the laminated glass by the impact of the hardness of the object will appear after a lot of small cracks, it will affect the appearance of the glass and the whole piece of glass laminated plastic line of sight, then, what methods can prevent folder Plastic glass cracks again spread?

The method is: the crack at the end of the hole, so laminated glass can still be used again, or continue to use. Glass drilling needs to go to buy a special store to buy glass drill bits, glass repair drill bit is the use of high-carbon hard micro-drilling tools, 1 ~ 2MM diameter. If the cracks in the laminated glass are large, you can use electric tools to repair the glass cracks.

There are many people are using ordinary type of drill bit to repair laminated glass, but it is very prone to the second clip glass broken, even if the use of reverse to the inside of the hole to repair, will make laminated glass break. In fact, if you want to use 1 ~ 2MM twist drill is also possible, pay attention to the place because the twist drill is used in circuit board processing, it is easy to be broken, if the use of a professional glass drill bit also has 3 Money or so, relative to a piece of laminated plastic glass is still very worthwhile, and if you need a beautiful place for drilling operation, you can punch at the glass filled with plastic.

Through the above description, I believe we have a certain understanding of the bar? It will not have cracks in the glass to worry about, do not have to change the new, but also depends on the status of the glass crack, and then choose the appropriate program. In the construction time, we must pay attention to safety.

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