Glass Knowledge: How To More Insulation In Winter Glass?

- Nov 28, 2016-

1, preferably a flat window

Flat windows (windows that can be opened 90 degrees) will be much better than the sliding window. Flat window is generally sealed with plastic strips, sliding windows sealed with a top, so close the window closed and the isolation of dust, rain and so will be stronger than the sliding window; and flat window generally use two-point lock or lock to lock Closed, and the sliding window is a hook lock or a lock, so the air tightness of the window is also a lot stronger.

2, bay window / floor window is smaller than wall 30%

Bay window, floor to ceiling windows because it is more and more beautiful because of the large number of residential use, but these two windows are often not conducive to indoor insulation, especially in the northwest window is more suitable for the use of this window. Even if used, the area should not exceed 30% of a wall.

3, residential window ratio 1 / 7-1 / 10

Home decoration, the window area should not be opened too large, the larger the window area, resulting in the greater room heat loss, reasonable residential window ratio (window area and the room floor area ratio) should be 1: 7 to 1: 10.

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