Glass Laminated Glass Can Really Noise Insulation It?

- Dec 01, 2016-

Laminated glass in appearance with the general fact that there is no difference between glass, but it has a common function of noise isolation. On the window of the vehicle low-frequency noise, talk and a number of household machinery announced a variety of IF noise, and even jet aircraft and industrial machinery on the occurrence of high-frequency noise, laminated glass can be isolated to a certain extent. Which makes the city occupies the downtown we also have the honor to have a quiet home space. The same because there is no air and other media, the transmission of sound will be blocked, that is better sound insulation. If it is a large area of vacuum, and there is no other support, then the vacuum effect of noise will be incomparable.

The center film of the laminated glass has the function of thermal light. When the sunlight is radiated to the glass, the energy in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectra is absorbed by the central membrane. Most of the absorbed energy is removed by reradiation and convection. Therefore, the use of laminated glass, in the summer can not only reduce the user's cooling costs, and will also greatly reduce the adverse effects on the environment. Soundproof windows are white glass white aluminum, concise appearance beautiful, the device without removing your existing windows, without thinking about the replacement of the existing windows brought trouble. Minsheng sound insulation window is installed in your existing window after the second window, use the left and right push bit method, convenient and useful. Not the same color of the central membrane of the insulation function is not the same. In the same thickness of the conditions, the folder plastic glass glue selection dark, low transmittance of the center membrane made of laminated glass, control of sunlight can be relatively stronger. So consumers can be based on the specific circumstances of new homes, choose the right color.

Laminated glass to noise reduction noise. As we all know, the noise into the building the first way is the doors and windows. The laminated glass has a very good sound insulation, so outside noise can not intrude into the room. Since the central membrane has the function of acoustic isolation, the laminated glass made of it can effectively isolate the noise.

In view of the advantages of laminated glass itself, we can according to the needs of their own selection.


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