Glass Partition Thickness Selection Skills

- Apr 19, 2017-

 glass partition thickness selection skills

   Modern people's living standards more and more colorful, whether it is material pursuit and spiritual pursuit, compared with the previous have significantly improved. In the decorative building, the gradual emergence of different shapes, unique decorative requirements. Glass as decoration industry, one of the important members of the shape needs are constantly changing. The use of decoration, has not only limited to ordinary, flat glass, and more tend to design maverick, with a strong artistic effect of the decoration. Which is used to cut off the glass is a very popular this year, a decorative way. The use of different places, the requirements of the glass specifications are also very differentiated. Today we have to say that the conventional glass thickness of the place where?

    Common glass thickness: 3 -4mm, mm in the industry commonly known as PCT, the thickness of the glass is mainly used in the frame surface or some small size of the showcase partition.

    5-6mm thickness of the partition glass, commonly used in small areas such as doors and windows

    8mm thickness of the partition glass, screen wall or office doors, bathroom doors and other areas, medium size. Can withstand a certain degree of resistance.

   10mm thickness of the partition glass, can be used in the railings glass, indoor large area partition wall above,

   12mm thickness glass partition, can be used to spring glass doors and some of the activities of the larger flow of people separated. Such as shopping malls door,

   15mm thickness glass partition, this specification is already non-standard thickness, the general factory are not a lot of inventory, need to customize. Mainly used for outdoor glass wall above the whole.

   Thickness greater than 15MM above the glass, generally only used with some special occasions, such as bulletproof glass house and so on. And these dimensions are non-standard, often need to order. Delivery longer than usual.

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