Glass Tempering Furnaces Improve Glass Strength

- Mar 15, 2017-

Glass Tempering Furnaces Improve Glass Strength

The glass tempered furnace is a physical or chemical method, the formation of a compressive stress layer on the glass surface, the formation of tensile stress layer; when the glass by external force, the compressive stress layer can be part of the tensile stress offset, to avoid broken glass, so as to improve the glass strength the goal of. Not only that, the microcracks on the glass surface become more subtle under this compressive stress, but also to a certain extent, improve the strength of the glass.

At present, the commonly used physical steel method is to heat the glass to the softening point attached (about 650 ℃), then the glass can still maintain the original shape, but the glass particles have a certain migration capacity, structural adjustment, so that the internal existence Of the stress quickly removed, and then the glass tempered glass tempered glass blowing and quenching, when the temperature balance, the glass surface produced a compressive stress, the inner layer of tensile stress, that is, the glass produced a uniform and regular distribution of the Stress, improve the glass as a brittle material tensile strength, so that the glass bending resistance and impact strength is improved. At the same time, due to the presence of uniform stress inside the glass, once the glass is subject to more than its strength can withstand the impact of rupture, the role of internal stress blew into small particles, to improve its safety. Therefore, tempered glass can also be called prestressed glass or safety glass.

In the process of tempering the glass, the blast furnace and the stress spot are usually produced. The blast furnace is formed during the cooling process due to the unevenness of the glass due to the unevenness of the glass. It is observed at a certain angle. See the glass surface was dark and dark stripes. Stress spot is also caused by uneven stress, such as in the heating process, the furnace edge and the middle of the existence of temperature difference caused by uneven stress. Stress spot There is no way to completely avoid, but well-designed steel equipment can minimize the visibility of the stress spot.

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