Heat-resistant Low-expansion Ceramic Glass

- Nov 21, 2016-

Heat-resistant low-expansion ceramic glass

Heat-resistant low-expansion ceramic glass is a new multi-functional materials, focusing on a variety of fine performance of ceramic glass, which greatly expanded its use. Coefficient of thermal expansion is an important parameter in the use of ceramic glass materials, low expansion coefficient for the dimensional stability of components and thermal shock resistance is extremely beneficial. The product has high mechanical strength, hard abrasion resistance and good chemical stability and thermal stability, can adapt to harsh use of the environment; softening temperature, even in high temperature conditions can also maintain a high mechanical strength; excellent electrical insulation properties , Dielectric loss is small, dielectric constant stability; density is small, but the texture is dense, impermeable, airtight and other excellent performance. The production of high-quality heat-resistant low-expansion ceramics  glass not only increases the types of ceramics glass in China, but also enhances the competitiveness of China's ceramics glass in the international market.

  Heat-resistant low-expansion ceramic glass products set low expansion, high strength and high thermal stability of the excellent performance in one, can be made into flat, containers and other shapes, in household appliances, high temperature heat exchange, laboratory heating appliances , Optics, printing industry and other fields have broad application prospects, while in the electronics industry and the use of solar energy and other modern high-tech fields also has important application value, is facing an excellent opportunity for development.

Heat-resistant low-expansion ceramic glass with its excellent performance, low cost of raw materials and manufacturing costs, after all, a high-performance, low-cost, widely used utility model of multi-functional materials. Which has a high economic value and social value, there is a huge potential market, the application of broad prospects.

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