History Of The Most Comprehensive Glass Cleaning Method

- Apr 13, 2017-

History of the most comprehensive glass cleaning method

Glass cleaning is a very troublesome part, slightly dirty, it is very beautiful, so the glass cleaning frequency is also high. Life, in the window before cleaning, first of all to determine whether the need for wet rub, because there is a wet wipe action, it is necessary to dry a more steps, such as the indoor side of the window only light dust, you can use dry cleaning Can be. Window track dust, first brush with a brush clean.


Method 1: rubber scraper quickly to the water

Hand to hold the grip completely, and close to the glass surface.

The direction of the wiping should be treated from the top to the bottom.

Each scrap of water will erase the moisture on the blade.



Method 2: warm water to accelerate the dissolution of dirt


Many of the glass cleaner that sells on the market contains the ingredients of Ammonia, which is a hazard to the environment, because it is possible to use warm water to wipe the glass, use heat to help remove the dirt, and add a little lemon in the warm water Soak the use of lemon warm water can make the glass shiny.


Method 3: natural peel can also help clean


Use the props: potato skin, potatoes which have starch, you can remove the slight oil, when the glass is full of dirt, may wish to put potatoes in stockings, first evenly applied to the glass, and then wipe with a damp cloth and dry. Wipes made of stockings sometimes bring you unexpected results.


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