Hollow Glass Glass Interval Layer Thickness

- Jan 12, 2017-

Hollow glass is a very important content, reasonable allocation for performance has a certain influence on him, reasonable configuration of hollow glass thickness of hollow glass interval and reasonable, can maximum limit reduce energy by radiation in the form of transfer, thereby reducing energy loss.

Convection is due on both sides of the glass with temperature difference, falling on one side of the cold air in the hot side to rise, air convection, and cause the loss of energy.Cause there are several reasons for this phenomenon: one is the glass and the framework of the perimeter of the sealed, cause both within and outside the window frame swapping can directly produce gas convection, leading to loss of energy;The second is the interior of the hollow glass space structure design is unreasonable, resulting in the effect of temperature difference of the inside of the hollow glass gas to produce convection, drive of the exchange of energy to produce energy loss;3 it is to constitute the window of the whole system of the internal and external temperature difference is bigger, the hollow glass is the difference in temperature between inside and outside is bigger also, cold air with the aid of the role of radiation and heat conduction.

Convection in both sides of the hollow glass first, and then passed on hollow glass as a whole in the past, forming a loss of energy.The reasonable design of hollow glass, can reduce the convection of the gas, thereby reducing energy convection losses.

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