Home Decoration How To Choose Glass?

- Dec 23, 2016-

Tinted glass is a special glass, also known as endothermic glass, usually can block about 50% of the sun radiation. Such as 6 mm thick blue glass can only be 50% of the solar radiation, brown, bronze heat-absorbing glass can only 25% of the sunlight. Therefore, the endothermic glass for both the need for lighting and heat insulation in hot areas of the building windows and doors or outside the wall, so that both play a role in insulation and anti-reflective , but also create a beautiful cool atmosphere. But in the urban residential buildings can play sterilization, disinfection, in addition to taste the role of the sun, by the color of the endothermic glass block half, it is worth the candle.


    In addition, some households installed screens, the light transmittance of 70%, and colorless and transparent combination of ordinary glass, the total light transmittance of about 61%, just right, but if coupled with colored heat-absorbing glass, the light transmittance Only 35%, certainly affect the indoor lighting requirements.


There are some households will also use colored glass balcony closed glass. Balcony is a direct contact with the nature of the room only place, should not be closed, but can not be decorated with colored glass. If the long-term living in the blue-gray, brown and other low light environment, the indoor line of sight quality will inevitably decline, easy to make physical and mental fatigue, health will have a negative impact.


Interior decoration should adopt high transmittance ordinary glass, the window is equipped with opening and closing convenient shade equipment, the room can be installed transparent or translucent curtains and opaque windows. In this way, can play a wind, shelter, insulation, sound absorption and other good effect, but also to fully enjoy the sun bathing.

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