Home New Green Materials: Ceramic Glass

- Feb 24, 2017-

 ceramic glass ecorative panels, also known as microcrystalline stone, microcrystalline jade, is the world's architectural decoration in the field of emerging high-end decorative materials. It is made of inorganic minerals as raw materials, high temperature melting, forming and heat treatment. Its raw materials are artificially screened and have no radioactive contamination. Its internal organizational structure and physical and chemical properties after artificial intelligence design, follow the stone and better than stone. The advent of it reduces the human body for a large number of natural stone harvesting, effectively protecting the natural environment. Therefore, the glass-ceramic is much favored by the green materials.

     The 20th century, 70's ceramic glass decorative panels in Japan, once a day, has aroused great attention around the world, many countries spent a lot of manpower and resources to develop this has a huge potential market products.

     However, for its technical difficulties have not been a very good solution. The main problem is the high porosity, warping serious, low yield, high cost, leading to expensive products, so many people are elusive.

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