Hot Bent Glass And Bent Steel Glass Is The Same?

- Dec 09, 2016-

Many people think that bending glass bending glass is just, in fact, these two kinds of glass is a big difference. Let's take a look at it.

        First of all, from the process, the two products processing technology is completely different. hot bent glass in simple terms its processing technology is to cut the size of the glass into the molding of the abrasive above the high-temperature heating softened into abrasive shape, baked cooling after the completion of the molding. Compared to bending steel glass, the pre-high-temperature softening steps are roughly the same, but in the final cooling treatment of dialing, bending steel forming with special equipment after rapid cooling made of bent glass. In other words, the cooling faster, the whole process down with better time. hot bent finished glass products can be re-cutting, drilling and other processing; bending steel glass without secondary processing capacity. Starting from the safety performance, bending steel can be treated in the steel, the surface can form a uniform compressive stress i uniform interna, the glass to enhance the overall impact resistance to achieve the strength of ordinary glass. And when it is broken, the slag was small particles state, does not hurt, belong to safety glass. But the bending glass can not be tempered, if customers have to steel treatment, the only way is to attach a layer of explosion-proof membrane surface, if the glass is broken, the slag can be attached to the explosion-proof membrane will not splash on the ground wounding , In essence, the status of glass slag and ordinary glass is the same, the edge is very sharp, wounding. So it does not belong to the safety glass ranks.


       Secondly, the size, the two glass also have different requirements. hot bent glass can process a variety of styles shape, processing thickness: 3.4mm-19mm maximum size: 3000mmx6000mm. Machining radius is not required, any radius size can be. As the style can be arbitrarily chosen, most of the customers are more like this way of processing glass. The curved steel glass will be a single lot, a single style, generally arc or arc-based, there are strict requirements on the size, processing thickness: 6mm-19mm maximum size: 2400mmx4200mm, and only 1.5M radius for the arc speculation Shaped glass processing. Bending steel glass is more used in construction.

         Finally, finally, let us look at the appearance of the other. With the naked eye after the formation of the curved glass surface is very smooth, no spots, deformation and so on. But bending steel glass can be found there are obvious wind spots (left after the rapid cooling traces), micro-warped phenomenon.

We have demonstrated from many aspects, bending glass and bending steel glass is completely two different products, you pro, do not confuse the future.


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