Hot Bent Glass Features And Market

- Dec 12, 2016-

In order to meet the aesthetic design of modern architecture, bending glass is more and more used in the design of architectural decoration, bending glass is a general high-quality glass processing, the first high-quality glass through heating, Which is placed in a mold and finally subjected to an annealing treatment to obtain a curved glass.

In this case,

hot bent glass is the primary characteristic of aesthetics. It breaks through the ordinary shape of the ordinary flat glass, the style is unique and beautiful, the line is also more gentle and smooth, so the application is more flexible, hot bent glass is often used for aquariums, counters, walls, revolving door. Through a unique shape to increase the beauty, enhance quality. Of course, in order to meet customer requirements for home improvement design, hot bent glass is also commonly used in walls, ceilings, doors and windows. As the soft glass surface lines, often able to create a more natural home environment harmony.

In this case,

hot bent glass's second feature should be said that its specificity, according to different shape needs, it can be tailored to customers for a variety of irregular curved surface, and even can be produced into a hollow or mezzanine and other Composite hot bent glass products. Because of its characteristics, hot bent glass in the construction, the civilian market unusual Selling Well. Building hot bent glass is mainly used for interior and exterior decoration of buildings, lighting roof, sightseeing elevator, arched corridor and so on.

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