How About The Laminated Glass Floor?

- Dec 08, 2016-

How about the laminated glass floor?


Recently to see friends in the circle there are a number of high-rise building in the top floor design of a viewing platform, and the glass floor to create a floating effect, very exciting, there are some orders roof laminated glass equipment customers, specifically used to make home improvement Of the laminated glass floor. So what about this glass floor?

Laminated glass floor size: length and width 600 * 600, frame thickness 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 40mm, authoritative testing, single clip glass floor can bear more than 1 ton, respectively, with anti-static steel floor and composite floor integration, Do not change the stent, just remove the original floor can be replaced with glass floor.

Laminated glass floor of the raw material is tempered glass, has a strong stability and impact resistance, not as fragile as ordinary glass. Compared to other materials, flooring, laminated glass floor is not only novel and beautiful, stylish environmental protection, decoration in the home also has other materials irreplaceable advantages. It has a good light transmission, can increase the room lighting, so that natural light flooded the room, while using glass floor, you can to some extent, increase the sense of space in the room, so that the room looks more spacious and bright. For home decoration, the laminated glass floor can be a good blend into the different styles of living room, creating a sense of hanging.

We can also add some decorative elements under the laminated glass floor. For example, the laminated glass floor can be the blue sea water, the green simulation plant, the colorful pebbles and so on, which can make us more beautiful in the living room. Of the scenery, with a more relaxed mood.

Laminated glass floor can be recycled several times, very environmentally friendly, and easy to clean, direct water can be.

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